30 Day Writing Challenge (Free)

free-online-writing-class-crank-out-wordsAn online writing class to improve your writing—the fun way!


It’s time to start a writing habit

This a completely free online writing class with daily writing exercises, games, and lessons. And it includes personal email feedback from me on your final project.


What does the 30 Day Writing Challenge include?

When you sign up for the 30 Day Writing Challenge, you’ll get…

  • 15 writing prompts to get you writing every day
  • Plus 6 Writing games that developed love of learning in kids who hated school
  • Plus 4 exercises on writing better descriptions
  • Plus 5 lessons on building a polished short story
  • Plus personal email feedback from me on your final project
  • Plus a PDF workbook so you can print out your lessons
  • Plus bonus resources to take you to the next level
  • Plus you’ll receive my Writing Tips emails, so you’ll get fresh content delivered directly to your inbox


And I’m really not kidding about the FREE part

When you sign up for the free online writing class, you’ll get exclusive access to all 30 Day Writing Challenge material on this website. You will receive an email with your username, password, and login instructions. You get unlimited access to the class, and you can do these exercises at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. No charges, fees, or payments of any kind. And there’s no locked content you have to pay for.


Your email is completely safe and confidential. You may unsubscribe from the program and/or Writing Tips emails at any time.

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