Get you student writing—the fun way!

Did you know that students lose up to three months of learning over the summer? The best way to avoid this “summer learning loss” is to keep your kids actively using their brains over the summer. Reading and writing are among the most crucial brain building skills, but—as you well know—it’s sometimes hard to get our kids actively engaged in reading and writing when they’d rather be playing on their phones.

That’s why I’ve rolled out some new programs this summer—to help you get your kids improving their writing while avoiding learning loss—the fun way!

Here’s a list of all my summer programs. Call 816-590-1353 to learn more.

FREE Online Writing Class


Start a writing habit and get a short story written. Free online writing class with personal feedback from me on your final project. Over $100 in value for free.

Learn more about the free 30 Day Writing Challenge.

The Writer’s Sketchbook Class—NEW!


In this self-study writing course, you’ll get a copy of my new book: The Writer’s Sketchbook: Weird Worlds edition. Plus, you’ll get two one-on-one online coaching sessions with me.

The Writer’s Sketchbook will lead you through strategies for getting ideas for stories, defeating writer’s block, and starting a writing habit. The book features 30 writing prompts to help you crank out words every day. You’ll also get tips for extending the book to cover 60+ days of writing.

Enroll in this class and get:

  • The Writer’s Sketchbook: Weird Worlds  (shipped free to your home)
  • 2 half-hour coaching sessions with me

Cost: $65

Call 816-590-1353 to sign up today!

Standard Writing Coaching


Work one-on-one with me either online or face-to-face. I’ll get your student motivated to write and read, and I’ll give them work to do each week so they can keep learning between sessions.

Learn more about writing coaching here.

Call 816-590-1353 to schedule a free consultation today!

Summer Writing Camp

Students had to arm wrestle during a game of Dungeon Scribes. Play the free online version by choosing Writing Games in the menu.

I know you don’t want to pay a large sum of money only to have your kids put in an “overpaid daycare.” Well, for only $125 I will help your child improve his/her writing and get grammar—the fun way! Plus, my students get so excited about writing that they bring the inspiration home. I had one parent tell me her kids came home, immediately went upstairs, and—instead of playing video games—started writing. And they didn’t even want to write when they first arrived! Your kids will also receive a workbook with enough writing prompts and games to keep them busy through the rest of the summer. Imagine the “I’m bored”s vanishing from your home.

Learn more about Summer Writing Camp.

Space is limited, so call now: 816-590-1353.

Writing Master Class

The writing prompt they are working on: "That's the last time I use mustard to...."

The purpose of the Master Class is to grow students in creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills through daily 1-1 coaching, weekly small group workshops, and daily writing activities. You student can enroll in the Master Class for either 2, 4, or 6 weeks.

Call 816-590-1353 today.

Compare Summer Programs

Free Online ClassWriter's Sketchbook ClassWriting CoachingSummer CampMaster Class
30 daily writing activities1 Copy of The Writer's Sketchbook (free shipping)1 hour 1-1 coaching per week15 hours of writing instruction per week1 hour 1-1 coaching per week
Email feedback from me on final project2 half-hour online coaching sessionsWeekly homework assignmentDaily Writing games/activitiesFour 15 minute online coaching sessions per week
xxxWriting WorkbookWriting Workbook with daily assignments
xxxFull membership to Classcraft
Cost: FREE!Cost: $65Cost: $35/HourCost: $125/weekCost: $275/week