Writing Coaching with CrankOut Words

Helping students and business professionals improve their writing and get grammar using fun and engaging writing activities.

I treat my clients as fellow writers, not customers.

Overcome your writing fears and become a better communicator

You’re staring at that blank page . . . again, and you just don’t have any ideas . . . again. Wouldn’t it be nice to be rid of that creative block so you could actually write what you need to say and move on to more important things (other office jobs, other homework tasks, your hobbies)?


Many people believe that writer’s block is a way of life, and this leads to procrastination, missed deadlines, and horrible writing experiences.


But you don’t have to live with writer’s block. Sure, everybody gets stuck now and then (I got stuck a few times writing this page), but there are easy, simple strategies for getting unstuck, planning your work, and writing without fear.


Whatever your writing struggles (writer’s block, grammar questions, never being able to finish stories), personal coaching can help you turn writing from a tear-inducing battle to a normal task.

How to schedule your FREE action plan consultation

  1. Call (816) 590-1353
  2. We’ll schedule a time to meet in your home (for Kansas City residents, over the phone or online for others)
  3. During your consultation, we’ll create an action plan to improve your writing, and I’ll give you tons of tips to break through your writing struggles NOW

What others are saying

I like tutoring. It’s like learning, but fun!

—Elementary Student (standard tutoring session)

Mr. Crank created creative methods to reach [my student] and make learning fun. He has developed a love of learning.

—Kourtney (Parent)

It is significantly easier for me to write all kinds of papers, both formal and informal, because the way that he teaches is very effective.

—Sarah (Master Class Student)

Mr. Crank is such a great teacher!  He REALLY knows how to connect with the students on their level. He is smart and creative in his approach, helping his students engage in a meaningful way no matter what subject he is teaching. He knows how to get the kids INTERESTED in what they need to learn. I have never known a better teacher!

[My student] comes “alive” when working with Mr. Crank. Her imagination just took off after her summer writing classes. It was like she became a whole different person with regards to her school work.

—Donna (Parent)

Mr. Crank has the gift to connect with students at any place on the age spectrum, from the young to the adult. He turns “work” into “play”, and his gentle, quiet nature is both calming and confidence-building to those whom he is teaching. There honestly is no one whom I could recommend more.

—Rebecca (Parent)